Yiska b'shem Elmassian at 1 day of age
Yiska b'shem Elmassian

Yiska was born on July 15, 5:00 a.m, shortly before the dawn. He is a most friendly, inquisitive colt, out of our Ster mare, Seaske fan Bosksicht, and sired by the FPS Approved Stallion Nanning 374.

Nanning is of the Teunis x Feitse line, an extremely impressive stallion in person, and has the personality to equal the stature. He is owned by Scott and Shelley Kelnhofer, of Wisconsin. The selection of Nanning for the sire dealt with the comparison of numbers and quality, not because he was "conveniently close by". Nanning's physical expression mingled with Seaske's overwhelming sweet demeanor and excellent physical quality should result in a young Stallion with fantastic character, manner, and ability.

Yiska lays claim to an Approved Stallion (Botte 414) half-brother on his sire's side, and an Approved Stallion (Tsjipke 399) half-uncle on his dam's side. He has excellent family.

"Yiska" has 2 meanings, one is Hebrew for "Anointed", the second is Navajo, meaning, "The night has passed", which is most appropriate for when he was born. "b'shem" is Hebrew, meaning "by the name of".

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Yiska at 17 days old
Yiska at 17 days old

Yiska and the family at the 2007 keuring, 3rd premie

Yiska made us very proud at this year's Friesian Inspection hosted by the FHCSC, held at the Los Angeles Fairgrounds in Pomona, CA. He was the youngest colt (10 weeks old) in a field of 13 colts (20 weeks and older), and he received a 3rd Premie.

2007 keuring, 3rd premie
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Yiska b'shem Elmassian
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Yiska is now quite the fine stallion, and so well-behaved, he is a joy to be around. He's not the biggest boy, but his impression and action more than make up for his size. He has his mama's personality and manners, and has been excellently trained by Tony Aldana, and that's really what matters.

Yiska takes pride in drawing the carriage with "his people". And he loves getting rubbies by them also, as Scott is doing. We are very happy with how Yiska has turned out, and pleased we made the decision to keep him a stallion. Actually, there was never any thought that we would geld him. I began handling him shortly after birth, ground manners and tractability being priority in his learning. Having wanted a colt, and receiving one, we wanted to make sure that as a stallion we would have no attitude problems with him, and we haven't. He developed so well from the very beginning.

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